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Media is complicated. There are more ways to reach consumers than ever, but it’s increasingly challenging to engage them with commercial messages creating brand growth. We have the marketplace insights, media relationships, audience intelligence, activation tools, and innovative people relied on by many of the world’s most successful brands. We deliver winning media outcomes for brands the world over.

Our passion is helping brands thrive by meeting people on their terms. We harness the power of data, media and technology to create experiences people love and actions brands need.

Our Philosophy

In the ever-changing digital sphere, we are a social media marketing agency which stays informed. We approach with a learning mindset and apply a mix of meaningful content, smart data and agile project management.


We provide expert knowledge and experience in digital business to our clients with our team of passionate individuals committed to our values. Fuelled by ongoing learning and a holistic approach to business, our end-to-end social media solutions coupled with our hub of digital expertise, inspire and engage audiences to build long-term partnerships with our clients.

Core values

  • Reasonably priced innovative and scalable software deliverables
  • Tested for quality and performance and completely bug-free
  • Assured cross-browser and platform compatibility
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use applications fitting the business environment

how do we do it

  • We dive deep into the pool of your idea, discover the tech feasibility and prepare requirement analysis
  • Now is the time to build Design and concept designing
  • Then we design the architecture, create frameworks and define different layers
  • A prototype or the first version is then released
  • Quality Assurance and other testing procedures are then facilitated
  • Now is the time for Development and Intergration related work
  • App is then Submitted on the play store and is pushed for approval
  • Time to celebrate results after the launch


Application Development

We strongly recommend customers to use off-the-shelf software if suitable to their needs but where it requires a custom-built application, we are the preferred partners for large and medium enterprises worldwide. Our clients are spread across the globe with applications servers housed in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Our software development team consists of business analysts, software architects, database experts, programmers, testers and project managers. We develop web based application software in-house for Microsoft platforms with SQL database, C# scripting and MVC framework. Web applications use extensive interactive components built on popular javascript frameworks such a Jquery, BootStrap, Angular.

We are preferred for our deep understanding of business processes, quality consciousness, adherence to schedules and cost competitiveness. Over the decade we have developed software for Business Reporting, Workflow, MIS, Business Intelligence, Investment Banking, Travel Insurance, Sales Force Automation, Travel, E-commerce and more.



Application Development




social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Development: Our content production team will strategies and create image & video posts to suit the social media platforms. Since image speaks louder than text, we make sure the photos and design we choose are reflective of your brand style. Afterall, getting your fans engaged is our business.

Influencer Marketing: We develop a strategy based on informed decisions about which influencers and platforms best capture the target audience’s attention to develop long-lasting engagement and business impact for your brand.

List Builder: To grow your database, we create personalized web form to capture your target audience profile data. Then nurture them with creative content to enrich their profile. That way, you get a more accurate view of who they are and can design products and services to meet their needs.

Measurable Results: From ads placement to posts and sign up forms, our team design social campaigns to measure ads effectiveness and sales converstion rate across different platforms. We take away the guesswork in digital marketing to ensure every marketing dollar can be accounted for. That's how we build a successful social media strategy for you.


Connecting Siloed Data: We merge the touchpoints and traits of members to map out their level of interactions with the brand. The linking of different siloed data ultimately allows you to identify data insights to enhance marketing performance.

Actionable Data: Key value of Alpha Global Limited is building audience model to create new business opportunities. You can create unique audience profiles based on RFM clustering to target segments with highly personalised experiences.

Managing Data: With a private cloud solution, we put data management with the aim to create value for your marketing strategy. That way, we can turn your investment in data analytics into additional revenue streams.

Data Cleansing & Modelling: We'll clean your database to keep all relevant contact information in one accessible, updated location. Then we use segmentation & data analytical tools to extract insights for better-designed CRM and digital marketing plans in a simple and easy way.



data management platform



marketing automation


Marketers are increasingly using marketing automation to support leads to sales and CRM marketing activities and for many good reasons. Improved marketing efficiency, more valuable insights and better quantifiable results.

Alpha Global Limited multichannel marketing automation combines simplicity and speed to help you create, automate and launch campaigns quickly. This means you generate more revenue with less effort.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Better leads management and nurturing
  • Targeted at the right customers
  • Personalized messages for the individuals
  • Timely message with the right channel
  • Increased efficiency throughout lifecycle journey
  • Improved customer relationship management



We offers a single point of access to GSM & CDMA mobile networks through our enterprise class SMS Gateway & SMS Centre (SMSC) infrastructure, a regional messaging platform with direct routing & interconnect agreements into operator networks in the Greater China region & Asia. With our top class SMS gateway, you enjoy secured enterprise unified communication solution for A2P and P2P SMS services over the global telecommunications network

Web2SMS allows you to reach your target audience with SMS any where, any time. Using an online tool, it provides a simple way for sending real time and scheduled Bulk SMS right from your PC. SMS Gateway, Web2SMS users can instantly send and receive SMS reliably throughout Asia and the World all from a secure website.

Email2SMS allows you to send text messages to your customers simply using your own secured office email client or business systems. Above all, its reliable and there is no software installation needed. Complement that with Class SMS gateway, our Email2SMS solution will help you deliver your SMS to your customers across 500+ operators in over 170 countries globally.

Whether you're setting up a two step SMS authentication or reply path for your marketing campaigns, we've got the right solution for you. 2-Way SMS provides dedicated virtual mobile numbers designed to support any marketing needs for receiving inbound text messages. What's more, your SMS replies can also be automatically forwarded to an online SMS inbox, mapped to pre-defined email or integrated into your IT systems or applications via our SMS APIs.

Looking for a flexible SMS solution to complement your CRM system has never been easier. Our SMS solution enables you to connect your existing corporate applications efficiently to the global text messaging network. Whether you're using Salesforce, Siebel or Microsoft, SMS APIs give you the ability to send and receive SMS directly from your applications. Each API exposes a series of Internet delivered services conforming to XML Web Service, HTTP/S, SMPP or SOAP specifications. Hence, coding directly against these APIs has become a lot simpler.






sms gateway




Ecommerce Development

Developing an online shop application is more than creating an ecommerce application on popular open source platform like Magento, wooCommerce or Opencart. A successful eCommerce business requires attention to multiple aspects beyond the technology and we expertise in this domain makes us a preferred partner.

ECommerce applications require carefully understanding not just of the external factors relating to the market size, customer segments, and competition but also to internal resources for content creation, order management, inventory planning, pricing and promotions.

Digital marketing plays a very vital role as putting up an online shop is far easier than driving traffic that meets conversion goals. It requires capital for search engine optimization, digital advertising, Google Adwords campaigns, analytics and social media management.

Alpha Global Limited eCommerce expertise encompasses the complete set of services required to make any eCommerce project a lasting success.

Get in touch with us for a Free Assessment of your eCommerce idea.

CRM Loyalty System

CRM Loyalty System offers a complete membership management solution and more. It comprises a front-end member portal to manage profile, view transactional history and rewards redemption. At the backend of the loyalty platform is a flexible system to manage profiles, loyalty program settings and data analysis reporting.

Tiers & Points: No single loyalty program is created equal. Our loyalty system not only allows you to set different tiers, but also different earn/burn points ratio according to the tiers. What's more, members can also earn points for non-transactional activities like check-in to app daily, scan a QR code or social engagements.

Omni-Channel CRM: Whether you're managing Tmall, own branded online store or offline retail stores, we have the technical capability to combine online and offline transactional data into our loyalty system to award points. The points can then be redeemed at any of your online or offline channels. This omni channel approach provides a seamless shopping experience that helps you build a stronger customer relationship.

Digital Wallet: Go virtual with your loyalty card. You can now issue virtual card for eWallet or WeChat to your members. With the eCard, members are kept updated real-time of their points balance and transactional history.

Workflow Automation: In this campaign, designer approach is based on a shopper's buying behavior aimed at converting a visitor into customer by understanding his/her needs. This makes our workflow tools not only effective but also easy to use when marketers create leads to sales campaigns. Above all, our proprietary campaign designer can integrate seamlessly with social media, web and mobile to stimulate immediate conversions.

Campaign Management: Delivering the best sales results while optimizing your investments are central to our digital marketing approach. So whether you're developing offers to increase sales or reduce customer churn, our campaign management solution will help you take away the guess work in marketing to ensure your campaigns become increasingly effective at bringing you tangible results.







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